"Love speaks for Romance, Love speaks more for Compassion."
new book release, a gift, inspirational & motivational:
Love's Footsteps ~ dedicated to a Bridge for Wisdom to Walk on
Love's Footsteps, 1st of 5 poetry books with art, inspirational & motivational gift book

Poet in solitude. Voice out of silence.
Journey after journey, over decades, along a lonely path
filled with perilous adventures and distinct accomplishments
paralleling constant pondering in various schools of thought.
the poems are wide-ranging in topics,
many inspired by true events, by true stories
while alongside, photographs and art, by nature.


in solitude
out of silence

front cover
back cover

content table
titles of poems

poems inspired
by true stories
photos & art
by nature

1st of 5
poetry books
in series on wide-
ranging topics

voice & visual art
under one roof
Poem in Art
Poetry in Gallery

poetry book
with art value -
wonderful gift



Poetry Book designed, printed & handled as Piece of Art

many poems inspired by true stories while alongside, photographs and art, by nature
Voice and visual art under one roof, for readers to enjoy Poem in Art, Poetry in Gallery. Each page delivers a surprise, refreshing and appealing, imbued with the poet’s philosophy for Truth, for Simplicity, for Beauty.

gift book, inspirational and motivational
Books for any age, as well wonderful gifts for those who wish to tune in to spiritual serenity, to connect or reconnect, to sing, to touch endeared hearts beyond...

poems with art for poetic souls
If you feel a poet’s passion for life and for wisdom burns in your veins, remember the hearty gift, first of all, is for you, yourself...
Each poem is a song hummed in the poet’s heart, which may also inspire you to sing, to meld them into music...

road companion
Photo-quality printing on heavy paper, wirebound to open flat for convenient reading and protection of each page.
At the size of 5.5"x4.25", this book is easy to carry about for reading enjoyment, wherever you go.


save $6 each book during the first season of the new year
During the first season of 2009, each book is $29.85 - $6 off from the regular price of $35.85 (including h&s-within-A&C*).

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Thirdly, email us both the RA# and confirmation number to track the returned book.
Upon receiving the returned item, credit or a refund check will be issued (
h&s-within-A&C* $12.85 per book is non-refundable).

Should a return be necessary, a sincere apology in advance for any possible errors or inconvenience.
Remember, we appreciate your business and cherish a good wish for you.

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Love's Footsteps

Thank You
If you're inspired to give the lyrical poems a singing voice, the publisher is here to lend you an ear.

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