"Love speaks for Romance, Love speaks more for Compassion."
new book release, a gift, inspirational & motivational:
Love's Footsteps ~ dedicated to a Bridge for Wisdom to Walk on
Love's Footsteps, 1st of 5 poetry books with art, inspirational & motivational gift book

Poet in solitude. Voice out of silence.
Journey after journey, over decades, along a lonely path
filled with perilous adventures and distinct accomplishments
paralleling constant pondering in various schools of thought.
the poems are wide-ranging in topics,
many inspired by true events, by true stories
while alongside, photographs and art, by nature.


in solitude
out of silence

front cover
back cover

content table
titles of poems

poems inspired
by true stories
photos & art
by nature

1st of 5
poetry books
in series on wide-
ranging topics

voice & visual art
under one roof
Poem in Art
Poetry in Gallery

poetry book
with art value -
wonderful gift





Rarely do we hear of someone like .D. LuCxeed who has led a mostly solitary existence in contemporary times -
Dedicating life & passion to contemplation,
paying homage to
philosophy & poetry,
photography & art.

Seclusion in tranquility bestows minds with enlightenment, uplifting them to wisely see farther. A thinker traveling alone, more than often, between West and East, between nature and society - the poet must have uncovered some connections and disconnections between West & East, connections and disconnections between nature and society, giving birth to five poetry books with voice and visual art under one roof, engaging with thought and visual aesthetic delight.
profound & incisive.
Lyrical with life’s rhythm &
beauty’s rhyme. Graceful.

voice and visual art under one roof, engaging with thought and visual aesthetic delight

From "Chuckles from the Top of Everest" by .D. LuCxeed

Chuckles from the Top of Everest
From "He Fell" by .D. LuCxeed (inspired by a true story)

He Fell (inspired by a true story)
From "Honor of Honors" by .D. LuCxeed

Honor of Honors
From "Mercy! My Lord of Fame" by .D. LuCxeed (inspired by a true story)

Mercy! My Lord of Fame (inspired by a true story)

Poem in Art @ Poetry in Gallery: Poems meet Art at Poetry in Gallery...Passion conversing with Vision...

Poems meet Art at Poetry in Gallery,
Sublime greeting Wisdom,
Passion conversing with Vision,
All invite and escort Beauty,
From tranquility to nobility, to eternity.

Love's Footsteps

Thank You
If you're inspired to give the lyrical poems a singing voice, the publisher is here to lend you an ear.

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